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Are We a Match?

If you answer YES to most of the following questions, you and Oak Creek Commons just might be a good fit.


1. Do you like the idea of getting to know your neighbors as friends and lending them a hand when they could use some help?


2. Would you like joining your neighbors at community dinners (weekly or more often) and would you be willing to take your turn assisting in the preparation or cleanup of such meals?


3. Would you be willing to contribute some of your time and talents serving on committees involved in making community decisions and in implementing those decisions?


4. Do you like to interact with people younger than you (including children) and people older than you?


5. Do you like the idea of participating in activities with your neighbors that might include  celebrating holidays, movies, plays, meals out, walks, beach trips, camping or biking?


6. Are you comfortable with houses clustered together in order to protect more community open space?


7. Are you willing to forego a garage attached to your house, walking instead from a peripheral parking area, in order to have a pedestrian friendly/car-free neighborhood?


8. If you experienced conflict with one of your neighbors, would you work constructively to resolve the issue?


9. Would you enjoy participating in periodic community workdays – light, moderate, or more – to help maintain the neighborhood? 


10. Is living in a vibrant community more important to than living in your dream house?