Facilities Management Team

- Responsibilities and Authority -
Approved June 6, 2015

PURPOSE: To maintain our common facilities in a good, safe, working condition.

Responsible for the Following Areas:

• Condominium buildings: exterior, roofs, gutters, balconies, wooden decks, concrete patios, fire sprinkler system and alarm;

• Common house: major appliances, flooring, deck, fire sprinkler system and alarm, plaza, underground garage, creativity center, carports, kids’ play structure and area, trash enclosure;
• Pool Area: Pool, hot tub, shade structure, associated pool/hot tub equipment
• Asphalt paved driveways and parking spaces, carports, concrete sidewalks, flooring and decking; stone paved pathways;

• Pest control, except that managed by other teams (such as Landscape and Common House) and individual homeowners;
• Utility infrastructure including solar panels, electric, gas, water, sewer, & fire hydrants;
• Fences, gates, railings;
• Exterior area lighting, signage, bollards;
• Trash, recycling and green waste.

1. Keep the common facilities & components in a good, safe, working condition suitable for their many uses -- Full Authority (in collaboration with Facilities Task Team...a.k.a Fix-It)

2. Manage Routine …Maintenance Repair Replacement (NEW) of Common Area Facilities & Components -- Full Authority (in collaboration with Facilities Task Team... a.k.a Fix-It)

3. Manage Long-term ...Monitoring / Inspection (NEW) Maintenance Repair Replacement of Common Facilities & Components -- Full Authority

4. Research and recommend up-grades and improvements of common facilities and components. -- Proposal Authority

5. Manage Emergency and “Special” facilities problems -- Full Authority

6. Manage the annual Facilities Operating Budget -- Full Authority

7. Manage the annual Facilities Reserve Budget -- Full Authority

8. Monitor utility usage--solar, electric, gas, water -- Full Authority

1. Investigate the qualifications, costs and benefits of utilizing the services of professionals to assist team — Full Authority

2. Maintain a list of qualified contractors and other professionals — Full Authority

3. Maintain records of completed facility maintenance and repair actions (history over time) — Full Authority                                                     
4. Receive information about problems and requests for action from OCC residents and OCC teams and communicate responses — Full Authority

5. Communicate to the community significant team issues under consideration, decision, and events (including distributing agendas prior to meetings) — Full Authority    

6. Maintain team meeting minutes and decision log — Full Authority

7. Maintain and publish the list of major facilities repair and replacement projects and status reports of ongoing projects — Full Authority

8. Act as community representative in relationship with regulatory bodies related to common facilities — Full Authority (in collaboration with HOA Board)

9. Update the Reserve Study—Full Authority (in collaboration with the Finance Team)

Full Authority allows a team to resolve an issue and make a decision on their own. An example would be repairing the cracks in the pool deck which are included in the Reserve Study. Full Authority carries responsibility for the team, including publishing agendas ahead of time, holding open meetings for community input and timely release of notes & decisions, all to keep the community informed.

Proposal Authority allows the team brings an issue to the whole community for resolution. An example would be removing the landscaping around the pool which is NOT included in any budget or plan. These proposals would follow standard OCC protocol.

In Collaboration with means that although the team has authority, they are working with another OCC group to complete the task most effectively.

Committees & Teams
Every resident is expected to actively participate on a committee or team.  Committees & Teams are created, dissolved and given their responsibilities & authorities by the community. Responsibility can only be given to a team along with the authority necessary to get the job done. The community always retains the power to withdraw responsibilities and authorities from a team.

The following is a brief description of our main committees:

  • Community Life & Social organizes social events, works to resolve conflicts in the community, and develops agreements on how we interact with one another in business and social settings
  • Common House takes care of the maintenance and function of the Common House.
  • Facilities Management organizes and oversees the physical maintenance and safey of our community's buildings and structures
  • Landscape organizes and oversees the maintenance and design of the plants in our common areas.
  • Garden & Orchard organizes and oversees the tending of our community gardens and orchard.
  • Finance develops our annual budget, manages our finances, and develops our reserves timeline.
  • Architectural Review reviews required applications by homeowners for any desired changes to exterior architecture.

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