Cohousing Community

~ Creating an old-fashioned neighborhood in a new way ~  

Teams​ of Oak Creek Commons
Every resident is expected to actively participate on a team. Teams are created, dissolved and given their responsibilities and authorities by the community. Responsibility can only be given to a team along with the authority necessary to get the job done. The community always retains the power to withdraw responsibilities and authorities from a team.


Brief description of what our Teams do:

Affordability -- 

Common House takes care of the maintenance and function of the Common House.

Community Life (CLT) organizes social events, works to resolve conflicts in the community, and develops agreements on how we interact with one another in business and social settings.

Cooks & Cleaners --

Design Review reviews required applications by homeowners for any desired changes to exterior architecture.

Facilitators take care of facilitating our Community Meetings

Family -- 

Facilities Maintenance responsible for ongoing maintenance and monitoring of our community's buildings and structures.

Facilities Management in charge of projects funded by money from the communities reserve funds.

Fix-it responsible for minor repairs and maintaining the creativity work hop.

Finance develops our annual budget, manages our finances, and develops our reserves timeline. --

​Garden & Orchard organizes and oversees the tending of our community gardens and orchard.

HOA Board of Directors 


Landscape organizes and oversees the maintenance and design of the plants in our common areas

Membership & Marketing 

Pool responsible for maintaining and repairing the pool, spa and pool area furnishings.

Safety responsible for facilities repairs and maintenance pertaining to safety

Social & Fun 


10 Acre Woods 

Work Participation (CAP)