Teams​ of Oak Creek Commons
Every resident is expected to actively participate on a team. Teams are created, dissolved and given their responsibilities and authorities by the community. Responsibility can only be given to a team along with the authority necessary to get the job done. The community always retains the power to withdraw responsibilities and authorities from a team.

Cohousing Community

~ Creating an old-fashioned neighborhood in a new way ~  

Membership Team -- Monitoring and updating residents and members. 

Common House Team -- Takes care of the maintenance and function of the Common House.

Plaza Team

Kitchen Team -- Cooks/Cleaners

Design Review Team -- Reviews required applications by homeowners for any desired changes to exterior architecture.

Facilitators -- Facilitating our monthly Community/Business Meetings.

Community Peace Team -- Community voted team for support - conflict resolution.

Family, Social, Fun Teams -- Mentoring new members and organizing event planning.

Facilities Maintenance Team  -- Responsible for ongoing maintenance and monitoring of our community's buildings and structures.

Facilities Management Team -- In charge of projects funded by money from the community's reserve funds.

Fix-it Team  -- Responsible for minor repairs and maintaining the creativity workshop.

Finance Team  -- Develops our annual budget, manages our finances, and develops our reserves timeline. 

​Garden & Orchard Teams  -- Organizes and oversees the tending of our community gardens and orchard.

HOA Board of Directors 

Landscape Team  -- Organizes and oversees the maintenance and design of the plants in our common areas. 

Pool Team -- Responsible for maintaining and repairing the pool, spa, and pool area furnishings.

Safety Team -- Responsible for repairs to our facilities and maintenance pertaining to safety.

Tech Team

10 Acre Woods 


Work Participation (CAP)