Cohousing Community

~ Creating an old-fashioned neighborhood in a new way ~  

Social Activities

At Oak Creek Commons, social activities are central to fostering positive interactions among residents. These positive relationships allow consensus decision making to work, and create an environment in which members can enjoy community living and share in the joys, fun and responsibilities.

Common Meals & "Intimate" Dinners

Common Meals take place twice a week, usually Thursday & Sunday, as a potluck or a prepared meal in the common house.  Once a month several households host small group "Intimate" Dinners in their homes.

Saturday Yoga & Bagels

Saturday mornings are a special time. Yoga takes place at 7:30 in the greatroom of the common house. Following at 9 am with Bagels & Coffee being serve up for all.

Holiday Celebrations

4th of July parade through the community, Halloween party, Thanksgiving & Solstice dinner, Christmas potluck brunch, Chinese New Years performance. 

Sporting Fun & Events

Ping Pong and Foosball playing in the Common House.  Pick-up games of basketball on the outdoor court. In the common house, sports game watching in the parlor & Superbowl party on the big screen in the greatroom.