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Cohousing works for people of all ages and stages in their life -- from infant to 90+

A Great Place to Raise Children

For parents, cohousing offers many advantages, including other adults who can help with child care and effortless play dates.  Here's what one cohousing mom has written about raising kids in cohousing:  


And More...

Rob Sandelin, a resident of Sharingwood Cohousing near Monroe, WA, gives a quick overview of Ten Great Reasons to Live in Cohousing.

What is Cohousing?

Cohousing communities are small-scale neighborhoods in which the residents play an active part in the creation, design and operation of the neighborhood. People choose this lifestyle to have ongoing supportive relationships with their neighbors and to partake in the benefits of shared resources while enjoying the privacy of their own homes. Cohousing communities offer nurturing places in which people of all ages and stages in their life grow and age well.  

The cohousing idea originated in Denmark and was promoted in the US in the early 1980s. Worldwide, there are now hundreds of cohousing communities, expanding from Denmark into the U.S., Canada, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria and elsewhere. There are over 120 completed cohousing communities in the United States with many more forming or working towards completion. For more information on cohousing, see The Cohousing Association website. 

An Excellent Choice for Singles & Seniors

Cohousing's optional community meals and group activities make it easy for single people to socialize.  For elders or those about to retire, cohousing is an ideal setting to remain vital and continue to contribute.  In fact, it has become a well-established option for senior housing in Denmark, the birthplace of cohousing.