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REVISED WORK PROGRAM - Community Active Participation (CAP)

Consented Decision at June 11 and August 6, 2016 and January 7, 2017 Community Meetings.

1.  Every household with one adult resident (over 21 years of age) is required to complete 3 hours of work per month performing specific tasks assigned by committees. Households with two adults are required to complete tasks worth 6 hours and households with three or more adults are required to complete tasks worth 9 hours of assigned value per month.  Each hour of work is valued at $20.00. Partial time worked is valued at $5 for ¼ hour worked (15 minutes/0.25 of an hour.)

2.  An assessment of $20 will be added to monthly dues for each hour of work not completed with a maximum of $60 per month for households with one adult), $120 per month for households with two adults, and $180 per month for households with three or more adults.

3.  Committees will assign work hours (in 15 minute increments) to their tasks based on the critical nature of the task. The work hours should add up to the committee’s overall allotted annual hours.

4.  Community members sign off on-line monthly certifying the completed tasks in order to avoid being assessed for work not completed.

5.  During 2017 we will have quarterly reviews of the process in order to make helpful changes or revisions.

6.  The Community Active Participation Committee (CAP) is authorized to administer the program.


PHILOSOPHY -- Work hour requirements focus on need to get critical tasks done to maintain our assets and to keep HOA dues as low as possible.  All OCC households participate in the program by working required hours per month, or by paying a monthly assessment, or a combination of both.  Residents will voluntarily do other tasks they enjoy, want to have completed, or want to contribute to the community.

CRITICAL TASKS/WORK HOURS – Committees have been allotted a certain number of hours for the year and will assign work hours (in 15-minute increments) to their tasks based on the critical nature of the task.

VALUE OF TASKS: The assigned value of the tasks will be counted -- not how long the job actually takes (more or less).  At the end of each year we will have a record as to how long a task actually should take and can adjust assigned values for next year.

WORK PERIODS: Work periods will be from the 16th of a month through the 15th of the following month. Finance will use the period of the 16th to the 25th to record hours and prepare OCC HOA bills for the following month. 


TEAMS: Team Task Coordinators will post tasks to the Google tasks spreadsheet by the 16th of each month for critical work tasks showing assigned work hours.  Household members will sign up for tasks they will be responsible for completing each month.  Any member of the household, including children, may complete tasks.  Adults should check children’s work to ensure satisfaction.

MEMBERS: After task is completed, the member records completion in the Google tasks spreadsheet no later than the 15th of the month by putting the actual hours worked on the task in the actual hours column.  Actual hours will thus be visible to all and will be used for quarterly reporting purposes/adjusting time values next year.

FINANCE:  After the 16th of the month, the Treasurer transmits the number of assigned completed work hours to the bookkeeper.  The bookkeeper prepares bills for monthly HOA dues for the next month from this record.

Team Participation

Every resident is expected to actively participate on at least one team. Residents can also volunteer to participate on an ad hoc taskforce or team (set-up by a team or the community) that focus on a particular project or problem.

Volunteer Positions

Individual members also volunteer to manage on-going, specific, or essential community jobs that are necessary for the community to function safely and smoothly.  Examples of these tasks are: 

Community Work Days
Through out the year, we gather to work on seasonal and regular maintenance tasks such as weeding, cleaning the common house, sweeping the garage, etc.  Other times we have special projects that need to be worked on. Other members often make a lunch for the "workers."

Work Participation

Every adult resident is expected to participate in the maintenance, both physical and social, of our community (see below our community decision on requirements). As a cohousing community, we share many resources that need to be maintained.

We meet together often and require volunteer work from residents to keep our community smoothly functioning and a pleasant place to live.  Working together can be difficult, rewarding and fun; it also gives us a sense of pride and shared ownership in the place we have created together.

Time Commitment

Active resident participation is a must -- with an expectation of at least 3 hours a month for each adult resident. The amount of work will vary with each individual’s time, abilities, health, and presence in the community.

Each resident is expected to actively participate in the work of the community in such ways as:

  • Attending community meetings and discussion circles,
  • Contributing to the work of committees,
  • Participating in work parties,
  • Performing other services the community needs.

Community Meetings

Community Meetings take place monthly.  At these meetings, teams update the community on their activities, questions are posed and answered, and proposals are considered and go through our consensus decision making process.